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#ROGUESTORIES: Kat Stefankiewicz, Raptors Personality

#ROGUESTORIES: Kat Stefankiewicz, Raptors Host

High energy is something that is innate to someone like Kat Stefankiewicz, a former dancer and the current in-game host of the Toronto Raptors. Having seen humble beginnings for the Raptors franchise, to the now booming Jurassic Park and We The North movement, she’s no stranger to excitement and change. She narrates her experience with a hearty laugh and mischievous sense of humour, that keeps you guessing what she’s about to say next.

An always on the go opportunist, I had a chance to catch her in her downtime, and learn about her multi-talents.

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TRAVEL: The Carry On Club (Packing)

ROGUE STORIES - The Carry On Club ROGUE STORIES - The Carry On Club ROGUE STORIES - The Carry On Club
ROGUE STORIES - The Carry On Club

Photos by Pam Lau, @pamelaloud

There’s something incredibly liberating when it comes to packing a carry on only bag. I learned this when planning a number of quick overnighter trips that didn’t make sense to pay for check-in bags and waiting for them at the other end. Sometimes you just want to get on with your trip without too much baggage (pun intended). I learned this the hard way when traveling in Japan and New York (I still shudder at the thought of all those stairs).

Not an easy feat, for anyone, but here are a few tricks to get you in one fancy little carry on packing session, wherever you go:

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COCKTAIL: Iced Irish Coffee

COCKTAIL: Iced Irish CoffeeCOCKTAIL: Iced Irish Coffee

Mixing coffee-based cocktails is absolutely fantastic, yet it doesn’t happen enough. It might be the time-of-day that’s holding you back – cocktails tend to be an evening affair, while coffee pairs with the morning bagel. This week’s drink asks you to stir up your usual routine, but we promise that it’s worth every last drop.

Here’s a dangerously delicious mix of coffee and whisky. The Iced Irish Coffee is like the seasons – from summer to fall, we have all the fixings of a cool drink, but with warm flavors. Creamy, delicious, and perfect to sip:

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