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TRAVEL: Post-Travel Beautylicious

While planning a trip has its complete hectic routine, there’s also the notion of post-travel blues and remedies. There’s always a sense of rushing when it comes to putting together a travel itinerary, packing properly, checking in to a flight, and making sure that you didn’t forget something that you’ll deeply regret later.

When returning, I always have a pretty regular state of travel-detoxing. Whether it’s unpacking immediately, washing all of my clothes, taking a long shower, or booking a facial…something has to be done to bring me back to earth. Here are a few ways to go about beautifying / relaxing when you return:

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Eatable Film Festival – A Foodie’s Visual Dream

They’re calling this one the feast for the senses – Eatable Film Festival is a sensory film festival you can taste. Our tastebuds are already overwhelmed.


Toronto’s first food film festival, Eatable is a new way to get excited about food. Eatable curates experiential screening events that engage culinary stars (and upstarts) to create food and drink inspired by the films.


Running in Toronto October 23, 2016 – 25th, it’s a deliciously visual experience. Tickets can be grabbed here.

COCKTAIL: Gingerbread Drury Lane

The 90’s are making a comeback, and it has something triggering in us that feels all kinds of fuzzy. All this blast-from-the-past got me thinking, what’s the nostalgic cocktail for our generation? What makes you feel warm with memories, just in time for the holidays (aka the most reminiscent time of year)? I propose that we take something comforting and delicious from our childhood and make a grownup version – boys and girls, meet the Gingerbread Drury Lane.

COCKTAIL: Appleton Estate’s Drury Lane Swizzle

Named after a charming little street in London, this week’s cocktail takes a kid favorite and marries it with smooth gold rum, flavorful orange bitters and serves it over crushed ice. The end result is a drink that takes you back with the sweet/spicy taste of gingerbread with the right amount of kick.

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