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PROFILE: Aleyah Solomon + Julia Eskins, Here & There Magazine


I met Aleyah Solomon and Julia Eskins through the creative community in Toronto. Aleyah was always a photographer whose work I admired from afar, and I leapt on the opportunity to collaborate with her when the right client came along. When I noticed that Aleyah and Julia had started on an almost manic-travel-spree, I knew there was a connection.

Here & There Magazine is a visually rich, quarterly magazine. It’s stunning. It makes you want to get off your ass and travel like these girls have, and seek art, culture, and fashion around the world. And hey, if your budget doesn’t allow, live vibrantly and vicariously through these ladies, because they’re onto something. Read on for more about their travels (and scroll through a stunning library of photos):

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#ROGUESTORIES: Joanna Track, Digital Entrepreneur

Joanna Track entered the world of digital entrepreneurship with Sweetspot, the beloved e-newsletter that helped define an era in Canadian female lifestyle and fashion. That was 2004, and since then she’s been proving a knack for knowing not only what people want to know but how they want to know it. That’s how she went on to co-found boutique consultancy Good Egg & Co., launch her daily news digest The Bullet, and become an advisor for MaRS’ Consumer and Commerce cluster.

On the day of our interview—like any other day in the past few months—it had been one shocking news alert after another since the morning. But if there’s anyone who can talk sense about this chaos, it’s Joanna. Read on about her thoughts on media today, the love-hate she feels for social media, and why she’d rather eavesdrop than sightsee when travelling.

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PROFILE: Wolfgang Hoffmann, President of Jaguar Land Rover Canada

Wolfgang Hoffmann speaks with a welcoming German lilt, as he opens up about his humble beginnings. He shares his life lessons with a calm and candidness that makes you want to latch onto his leadership energy, and make something of your own. I stopped in on a grey day to the head office of Jaguar Land Rover Canada, a place filled with friendly faces and people eager to share a story of luxury, hard work, and adventure. Read on to learn about how Wolfgang journeyed in his career from Europe, to America, to our home and native land of Canada.

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