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COCKTAILS: Glassware 101

Every cocktail deserves a glass that was designed for it. Otherwise, it’s like looking at a painting that was inadequately matted and framed. What’s within is still the same, but experiencing it just isn’t—you can’t ignore the weird edges and borders that surround it. Or like eating a perfectly aged steak on styrofoam and plastic. Memories of freshman year, and all the boxed wine we drank out of coffee mugs, will be recalled fondly, but best left in the last decade.

But what’s essential glassware, and what’s not? Is it really worth splurging on a set from Williams Sonoma? Have no fear. Read on to find some frequently asked questions about cocktail glassware answered.

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#ROGUEROUNDUP: On Collaboration

As we near the first anniversary of our regular #RogueStories, we realized what an incredible archive of advice we had built across all types of passions and journeys. So once a month in #RogueRoundup, we’ll be featuring the best gems according to theme.

There’s a reason why the ‘teamwork’ metric is observed at such an early age. Whether we can collaborate with others can make or break our chances of success. If you’re an entrepreneur, this lesson is an especially complicated one. Because you’re working for no one but yourself, an unshakeable (and downright stubborn) confidence in yourself is necessary. However, evolving your venture also requires huge leaps of faith in others’ potential. Strangers can become your biggest fans. Investors can become your most important mentors. Friends can become the professional number two you can’t live without.

There’s no way to know what anyone can bring to the table. And that’s the scariest—and best—part of starting something out of your own volition, and building upon it for the betterment of everyone else. In this #RogueRoundup, five #RogueStories subjects share their respective approach.

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TRAVEL: Homemade Travel Snacks

Healthy snacking is difficult as it is on a regular day, and travelling just seems to kick our worst impulses up a notch. Potato chips and chocolate beckon at gas stops. Train stations specialize in coffee shops — and nothing else. And good luck finding something gluten-free at the airport.

So what’s a conscientious traveler to do? Make your own snacks.

We’ve rounded up a range of homemade snack recipes that satisfy, make health-sense, and delight your inner gourmand — whether you’re reading this weeks before your trip or on the morning of.

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