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COCKTAIL: The Capri Pants with Bartender Atlas

© Jessica Blaine Smith |
Photos by Jessica Blaine Smith |

© Jessica Blaine Smith |

Cocktail by Josh Lindley for Bartender AtlasBartender Atlas is the home to all of your favorite bartenders. We believe in creating a community of bartenders for bartenders and cocktail lovers.

Capri Pants is a cocktail that symbolizers to me, the end of summer. A warm wrap up of the season, that mingles into September and the fall. Here’s a cocktail that celebrates both Toronto and welcomes fall flavors:

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How to Digital Detox

Have you ever done a “digital detox”? The closest I’ve ever come is during my weekly yoga class. When I return to my phone, it feels like days have passed...

#ROGUESTORIES: Melody Khodaverdian, Forbes Conferences

You don’t often meet women as poised, yet candid as Melody Khodaverdian. An avid runner, charity-driven soul who works for one of the most recognizable media brands in the world, Melody is a TEDxToronto alumni, chasing dreams in New York City. As Director of Conference Partnerships at Forbes, Melody is the epitome of a #ROGUESTORIES woman:

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Dîner en Blanc 2016

I haven’t yet decided if dressing all in white, dining at sunset, and twirling sparklers in the night is romantic, or vaguely reminiscent of a Miami party. I’ll go with the former. My first Dîner en Blanc experience in Toronto felt festive, was a scrumptious, instagram-visual overload of an evening. There was cake! There were balloons! There were fascinators and kilts and lots of tulle worn. And most impressive of all…outrageously great food and company.


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