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New Year, New Athleisure

Photos by Darius Bashar – @dariusbashar

Ohhhh, it’s that time again, the time that we set our sights on a few (or in my case…15+) goals that will make this year feel accomplished and satisfying. Of course, many of you might have fitness on the brain. For me, that’s one of many self betterment projects that I have on the go…and what way to go about doing all these things than in something stylish yet comfortable?

Titika Active has admittedly become one of those websites that I too-often peruse. There are so many items on there that make for perfect transitional pieces (or in my case…really comfortable and stylish staples in my closet). While fashion blogging and style writing is no longer my focus, I can’t help but to think that every last item that I pick up from them is a piece I can take with me on a travel somewhere near or far.

Pictured in this post so graciously shot by my friend Darius, are the following:

Pop onto their website and have a look at the athleisure possibilities yourself. Happy 2017, ROGUES!

#ROGUESTORIES: Krista Webster, President of Veritas Communications

#ROGUESTORIES: Krista Webster, President of Veritas Communications

Krista Webster isn’t afraid to win. Her fierce attitude about success and learning can intimidate many, but it’s her infectious energy that is alluring and makes you curious about how she got this way.

I met Krista on a set of roller skates in passing, at the Veritas Communications Love In Party (each year they do an event in February in lieu of an end of year holiday party, as many of their clients are retail based). Not one to shy away from fun, this leader lets it be known that she has ideas and big plans for those around her. As to how she regenerates her ceaseless energy? Well, that’s for you to read on and find out.

Krista narrates her life with a sharp humour, a dash of humiliation, and well placed honesty. Rarely pausing, here’s Krista’s take on strategy, business, and the art of public relations:

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