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My One Year Commitment

Commitment is a frightening word for a nomadic, digital worker of the world. My name is Gloria Chik, and I’m a travel addict.

I found myself sitting in a New York city apartment two years ago, feeling uneasy at the life I created for myself. What happened to spontaneity? What happened to chasing the dream and laughing all along the way? My résumé was artfully padded with great brands, experiences, and titles, but that didn’t translate to a feeling of freedom or happiness that most millennials crave these days. So, with uncertainty and hesitation, I decided to leave New York to re-become an entrepreneur and step out on my own.

Something was missing. It took a lot of experimenting, countless coffee conversations, and a fascination with creating that landed me on this new idea. One year, work in two cities, and many iterations later…and I’m finally ready to share my carefully concealed project with you.

Travel has been the lifeline for my personal and professional change. It’s never failed to shift my perspective, feed my curiosity, and nurture my thirst for more. Nothing makes you feel more whole than knowing you are a tiny part of this vast, impressive, gorgeous world.

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Ambitious yet seemingly reserved, Allysha Yung is a girl with ideas. From launching her flagship clothing line YUNG ² to starting her globe trotting ways, this girl is keen on trying her hand at creating, and unafraid of the hard work that accompanies it. We met in a quiet coffee shop tucked away on the east side of Toronto, and roamed the streets to find photogenic alleyways and watched her come to life in front of a camera. Read on for more about Allysha’s brand and this fiery content creator.

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#DISCOVERY: My Landrover Experience

Something about a trip to Los Angeles and Utah, complete with off-roading and in-car experience sounded like a full-fledged adventure. No doubt about it – Landrover (Canada and global) knows how to put on an event.

A group of automotive journalists and I (I…suppose I’d be under the “other” / “lifestyle” category) headed to the West Coast while it was still chilly in Toronto, to experience the launch of the Landrover Discovery model. What was a packed four day itinerary, ended up being a lifetime memory. Maybe it took me until now to digest out outlandishly incredible those days were, enough for me to document appropriately.

And a disclaimer – before you berate me about how non-technical this post is, you can shift your mindset to realize that I’m just a girl that happens to like cars, and has worked on the lifestyle marketing side of the industry. That doesn’t mean I can’t relish in a unique experience!

Read on for all the elevated, luxurious details:

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