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Shifts, jumps, changes, chapters…call them what you will but they all take time. Progression is a necessary truth in life, and if you’re not making efforts to move forward, to grow, and to create, then you’re not growing at the velocity that you owe yourself.


ROGUE STORIES has been in the making for many months now. The phrase to us, elicits a compelling need to dare yourself, and take risks that move you forward in life. Having been in the content creation space for almost a decade now, our subject interests changed and personal relevance shifted. When first conceived, it was a tentative foray into the fashion / beauty game, which has since become a saturated and heavily celebrated space. We felt our efforts better suited when focused, one curated post at a time.


We’ve been around the bloc and then some., a lifestyle and culture website since 2007, has rebranded to a platform with focus on Modern Entrepreneurship, Food + Cocktails, and Travel. The newly established website is delivered with a fashionable sensibility, appealing to young professionals and savvy millennials who have all sorts of digital tools at their disposal—and are now ready to leverage that toolbox to create something of their own.


Less blog, more story telling – ROGUESTORIES is also a content agency that has produced branded pieces for Corby Brands (JP Wiser’s, Absolut), Honda Canada, McDonald’s / McCafé, and more. We are a team of smart, social, and curious writers committed to delivering relevant and #ROGUESTORIES content for our time.


Not only has the website shifted content focus and categories, we’re also launching a product. Subscribe, and see what’s next:


#ROGUESTORIES: Elia Herrera, Executive Chef

Photos by KTCHN Photography / Katy Chan Chef Elia Herrera is a lovely person to talk to about food on a Sunday afternoon, when you can feel fairly shameless and certain that the rest of the city is feeling as indulgent and lazy as you are. As the executive chef of restaurants Los Colibris, El Caballito, and El Patio, she is known for her varied approaches to Mexican cuisine that pay homage to her personal upbringing.  Elia muses over flavours and ingredients with the same sense of love and duty that comes through whenever she talks about her family, whose...

COCKTAIL: Strawberry Hills

Taking advantage of the summer strawberry season, this week’s cocktail makes use of black currant liqueur and fresh fruit to create a refreshing bourbon drink that tastes like a real treat.

The Strawberry Hills cocktail is based on the mint julep so you’ll find that it’s bold, minty and spirit forward, while tasting like a perfect summer day and fruity candy. What more can you ask for?

COCKTAIL: Strawberry Hills COCKTAIL: Strawberry Hills


  • 1.5 oz Bourbon
  • 0.5 oz Creme de cassis (black currant liqueur)
  • 3 Strawberries
  • 6 Mint leaves
  • Shaved ice (blend some icecubes)


COCKTAIL: Strawberry Hills


  • Muddle mint, strawberries, bourbon and cassis in a stainless shaker very well 
  • Add ice and shake vigorously for 30 seconds
  • Add shaved ice to glass
  • Single strain mixture into glass
  • Garnish with straw, mint leaf and strawberry

COCKTAIL: Strawberry Hills

Make often and enjoy!

#ROGUESTORIES: Mary Young, Lingerie Designer

#ROGUESTORIES: Mary Young, Designer - KTCHN Photography #ROGUESTORIES: Mary Young, Designer - KTCHN Photography

All incredible photos by KATY CHANKTCHN Photography

If there’s one thing you can take away from a Mary Young interaction, it’s that she’s genuine, and she really cares. Whether it’s a fine detail on a product from her ever-burgeoning lingerie / intimates line, to the quality of the images that you’re able to capture in your time with her…the attention to detail is impeccable.

I met Mary in an unconventional setting – through friends of friends, we all gathered to cook a meal for the homeless. She’s approachable, witty, and never afraid of a good laugh. We all preach the buzzword “authenticity” when it comes to brand building and marketing, but really, this woman lives and breathes it in everything she does. Offering up tid bits about how she grew her self-titled, Canadian-Made Lingerie + Lounge Wear, here’s how one girl made her mark:

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