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#ROGUESTORIES: Sarah Lian, Actress, Entrepreneur

#ROGUESTORIES - Sarah Lian, Actress, Host, Entrepreneur
Sarah Lian is a vivacious globetrotter. She’s lively and unabashedly honest, owning a hectic schedule and a wildly ambitious attitude. An actress, tv host, entrepreneur, and brand ambassador, we caught up with her for a profile as she was in transit, just arriving in Hanoi for a quick vacation from her hectic life.
Early on, Sarah knew she wanted to be an actress. Having grown up in Vancouver, studying in Toronto, and eventually migrating to Malaysia, she found success quickly. Voted FHM’s #1 most wanted in 2008, Sarah was set for a global stage. Here’s how she does it every day, one step at a time:
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How to Digital Detox

ROGUE STORIES - Digital Detox

Have you ever done a “digital detox”?

The closest I’ve ever come is during my weekly yoga class. When I return to my phone, it feels like days have passed and the world is a different place. I get missed calls, text messages, emails, slack messages, FB chats… it was an only an hour! But, what if you did it for 8 hours? 16 hours, an entire day!?

So, I decided to try it.

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Keeping it 100 – Natrel On The Go

ROGUE STORIES - Natrel On The Go   ROGUE STORIES - Natrel On The Go

Portability of your meals / nutrition is key when you want to get out the door early for work / school / life. As fall looms (I know, I know), I’m reminiscent of the times that I used to be in school, searching for a healthy alternative to fatty breakfast sandwiches, buttery pastries, or sugary juice drinks, with the punch of a coffee.

Natrel recently launched an updated, more sophisticated line up of On The Go beverages. This selection includes Iced coffees On The Go and lactose-free milks . From Iced Mocha (with 100% Arabica coffee extract), these are a grown up way to get an abundance of flavor and benefits.

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