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ROGUE STORIES x Darius Bashar

A huge thank you to Darius Bashar for capturing me one winter afternoon. His intense dedication to his work and craft is nothing short of admirable. If I could have an once of that ongoing mental conversation on a day to day basis…well…I could only imagine what one could be capable of.

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There is no right or wrong in photography. Everyone has their own aesthetic sensibilities and taste. This can be a frustrating discovery, but it can also be a liberating one. The human brain seeks closure. The human heart seeks certainty and conviction. But the soul is wiser than both. It transcends binary human constructs such as right and wrong. When I realized both Gloria and I could be “right”, I had to also accept that there is no objectively perfect photograph. At that moment I felt untethered and free. The feeling was fleeting, but it planted a seed inside me. It made me realize that trying to get to a place, where everyone felt the same way about my work, is a terrible trajectory. I can’t control any of that. So now, I had to find a better plan – one that relied less on the external world. 


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A Champagne Craft Beer Experience – The Exchange Brewery

ROGUE STORIES at The Exchange Brewery, Niagara on the Lake
If there was ever a time that the aesthetic of a brand could influence your taste for a beer…well, now would be it. In a day in age where Instagram seems to dictate the documentation of our lives. The Exchange Brewery just *gets* it.  Founded by Robin Ridesec, the brand exudes elegance from the Italian Champagne Bottles they use for the beer, to the gold, marble, and black textures that define the in-person experience. Niagara-On-The-Lake never screamed something so different in my eyes, as when I stepped foot into their beautiful brewery.

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PROFILE: Daniel Carman, Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow is a staple of Yorkville history. It started in 1975, and even when you go back to the About section of your homepage, there’s a vintage photo of the shop then. What’s your take on the growth and change of this neighbourhood?

The area has evolved a lot from this boho, hippie, music-driven area—which was mainly visited by teenagers and young people—to this house of luxury. We’ve evolved with that, but we’ve managed to stay a little more grounded because we were one of the original Yorkville businesses. We don’t want to evolve TOO much whereby we become completely consumed by this luxurious lifestyle. At the same time, we’ve seen what the area has become, so we need to adapt in our own way without sacrificing who we are.

I believe evolution means we get better. Otherwise, it’s not really evolution; it’s just change. It’s important we maintain our roots to show people we come from somewhere. I respect that. Though I wasn’t there—I wasn’t born yet—I understand what those ideals are, and I try to maintain them as best as I can in an ever-changing environment.


What are the origins of the name Over the Rainbow? 

I think it was just the era. It was the 70s. I knew Joel, the founder, really liked the song. It was a catchy name. Obviously, the colours of the rainbow. We give Jujubes to people in the store because they’re all different colours. It was a way to attract people into the store—by having this vibrant, colourful name. Over the years, it became this household name based on the experiences that people had while shopping there.

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