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ROGUESTORIES x Bartender Atlas: Lime Juice Basics

Several months ago the fine folks at Bartender Atlas and I teamed up to teach me a few bartender basics (so needed). A few ways to go about juicing those limes, and all the little things you should keep in mind.

Thanks again to Josh Lindley, Jessica Blaine Smith, and Michael Philper for the collaboration. We have another few to share so keep an eye peeled 😉

FOOD: Hong Kong McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries

 FOOD: Shake Shake Fries

 ‘Variety is the spice of life’ is a tired adage. Yet when you bring it literally to life, as the McDonalds in Hong Kong had, it starts to sound—and taste—fresh again.

Shake Shake Fries are seasonings you can sprinkle onto your fries. Flavours come in Three Cheese, BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, and Garlic Butter. It can be purchased as an add-on with an order of fries. Previously available year-round, they’re now only around on a seasonal basis. To use, empty the paper packet of seasoning into your paper bag of potato-y goodness, scrunch up the top, and shake liberally.

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Love and the Holidays

Love and the HolidaysLet’s have a really vulnerable moment here. That seems to be the theme of 2016 – vulnerability by way of radical transparency.

The holidays seem to add a level of sheen when it comes to new acquaintances or maybe old ones that had a mild spark. We latch onto the idea of family, companionship, and idealized mistletoe moments (and inappropriate holiday parties, hey). I wrote “Love” on my 2016 vision board (more on that later…) with a pretty ambiguous idea of what the output of this goal would be. Was it to meet someone and have a meaningful relationship? Find it within myself? At the end of the year looking back, I’m realizing it was more the latter that was what needed to happen.

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