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#ROGUESTORIES: Ele Willoughby, Geophysicist and Printmaker

 #ROGUESTORIES: Ele Willoughby, Minouette

The differences between somebody who’s just an expert and true educator are hard to pinpoint, but a conversation with Ele Willoughby makes them rather obvious. As a geophysicist by training and an printmaker through passion, she grounds her research on a digestible basis. And in turn, science has informed her creative inspiration with unexpected poignance. Examples include her series of female scientists, depicted in ways that pay homage to their contribution; similarly, a series on bees spotlight their importance to the biodiversity of life itself.

Despite Ele’s smarts, her curiosity and softspoken wisdom make her not only easy to talk to—but you come away feeling rewarded. She is intellectually generous, yet she has a healthy skepticism that keeps her brain from veering too far left or right. Having thought about how art and science can work together since girlhood, what she’s found the most helpful is seeing them as different paths with the same objective: to convey her understanding of how the world works. Read on to learn more.

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