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Q&A with Shannon Boodram, Author of LAID


Shannon Theresa Boodram is one of the most vibrant and warm people I’ve ever met. Former track-star, host and associate producer of a Rogers TV series, journalist, photographer, and now published author – she’s got the world and then some. I preface this posting with the skinny mini on what it’s about – Shannon Boo is the author of LAID: Young People’s Experiences with Sex in an Easy-Access Culture.


I spotted the stunning talent featured in an article for the Toronto Star when doing some digging for my day job. I’m marveled at how intensely transparent and open she is (like…a book you might comment?) Straight from reading up on her story, I knew I had to connect with her, as she was certain to be a driver of local and national culture (sex or no sex).


Racy as this might seem, the commonality in all of the content on is local talent, double takes, and engaging people. Miss Boodram is all of the above – check thrice.


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