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#ROGUESTORIES: Cynthia Luo, Travel Renegade


Photos by Arnold Cheung

FULL DISCLOSURE: Cynthia Luo used to be an writer. And in that duration of time, I’ve always marveled at her enthusiasm, her boundless creativity, and general hunger for life. It’s a little ray of sunshine to find someone so adaptable, adventurous, and eager to learn / see / do new things. You should get a taste of this Cynthia sparkle too.

Currently stationed in Thailand (yep, far far away), Cynthia works on content and marketing for a company called aCommerce. It’s officially been about a year or so, being across the globe, and she’s not about to look back anytime soon. Oh, and she’s managed to launch a lifestyle site called EyesUpCo too in the interim. Read on for a little glimpse of her unapologetically exotic life.

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