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#ROGUESTORIES: Dominique Fung, Artist

#ROGUESTORIES: Dominique Fung, Artist#ROGUESTORIES: Dominique Fung, Artist

Becoming a renowned artist is a long game – it takes years of perfecting a style, a craft, and a personal brand. Not too far removed from becoming an entrepreneur, building a career as a painter takes patience and a lot of faith. Dominique Fung has been committed to painting for a number of years, fresh off a gallery showing in Toronto and a large move to New York City. Her art screams cultural messages that are near and dear to her heart. Gaining momentum as a young talent to watch, her style is signature and her focus on building a longstanding career as an artist is something to relish in.

I spent a few hours in her gallery over the summer, and watched eager art enthusiasts, prospective collectors, and content buyers interact with Dominique. In atypical artist fashion, she struck up easy conversation with each person that took the time to view her paintings, and offered reassurance for those coming up in art, and insight to those who came to meet her. Here’s the rest of it:

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