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#ROGUESTORIES: D.W. Waterson, DJ and Director

#ROGUESTORIES: DW Waterson, Director, DJ #ROGUESTORIES: DW Waterson, Director, DJ #ROGUESTORIES: DW Waterson, Director, DJ

As a DJ, musician, director, editor, and screenwriter, D.W. Waterson puts most multi-hyphenates to shame—and I was only skimming the surface of her creative resumé. Based in Toronto and Los Angeles, she is the architect of Kensington Market’s Home Brew, where she DJs as hey! dw, her manic cheerleader alter ego. She’s also the creative force behind the television series That’s My DJ, an insider’s glimpse of Toronto’s electronic music scene. In the midst of her gatherings, you’ll be surprised at the heart and rhythm she will inspire in you—be it a film set, the dance floor, or on stage. Off-set and hanging out with her in Kensington Market, though, she feels more like the wisecracking class clown you’d skip school with.

D.W. is a living, breathing lesson in embracing your multitudes. Read on to find how just how far that can take you.

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